A graduate of Chelsea College of Art and currently completing an MA in sculpture at the Royal College of Art, Russian artist Margo Trushina explores metaphor, perception and connectivity through site-specific installations, sculptures, video, photography and performance. Unique compositions achieving subtle juxtapositions of the organic and artificial reveal both tensions and synergies between nature and the manmade, thereby confronting the audience with the relativity of perception. Specifically, the apparent solidity of rocks is transcended by undulating polished metal shapes projecting matter into movement, while the flickering neon dissolves the illusion of permanence of the bright white human outline. The circular floor based brass sculpture relates to a scientific experiment currently conducted in Japan in an endeavor to reach the center of the earth, while the video is a metaphor of the human journey through the darkness and light of a solar eclipse. Trushina's work has been widely exhibited in both the UK and Russia in prestigious venues such as Tretyakov State Gallery as well as part of the Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art and is included in important private and public collections.


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