Tatiana trouve

Tatiana Trouvé’s oeuvre stages transitions between architecturally inspired constructs and imaginary spheres, pointing to the limits of perception and the ultimate fiction of the three-dimensional space. From her signature Polders - sculptural compositions operating as architectural modules which transcend the confines and parameters of the exhibition space - to the Ghosts - traces of artworks cast in bronze - and the installation 250 Points Towards Infinity composed of 250 pendulums arranged in a constellation inspired by the most ancient astronomical maps which descend from the ceiling in diagonal lines as if directed by invisible hands, Trouvé’s work, beyond the mathematical precision of its conception and the painstakingly precision of its execution, points to an invisible presence underlying all human creation and construction. The intangible source of inspiration, which one may refer to as the metaphysical realm, appears in her drawings like a distant yet lucid memory, oscillating between composition and erasure, transcending timelines and dimensions and blurring the boundaries of the time space continuum. Winner of the Marcel Duchamp Price in 2007, Trouvé’s work has been widely exhibited in the world’s most prestigious venues such as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Pinault Foundation in Venice and the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing.


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